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Capital District Council for the Social Studies  (Albany, NY)

Private Yankee Doodle

  • 13 Jul 2016
  • 14 Jul 2016
  • Johnson Hall, State Historic Site, Johnstown

Private Yankee Doodle

Join us for 24 hours in the life of a Revolutionary soldier based on Joseph Plumb Martin's journal Private Yankee Doodle. Participants will dress, eat, drill, discuss politics, listen to music, examine artifacts, fire a musket and live overnight in a Revolutionary War camp.

Based on the latest brain research utilizing audio, visual, tactile and a wealth of material, participants will Live History. Teachers need only a sleeping bag, mat or air mattress and a sense of adventure!

Teachers will be able to:
- Develop lesson plans to implement Living History techniques,
- Use the original journal Private Yankee Doodle by Joseph Plumb Martin to bring history alive and stimulate writing activities, and
- Develop plans to utilize local historical sites.

Facilitators: Neil Murray and Chis Dipasquele
Location: Johnson Hall, State Historic Site, Johnstown
Dates/Times: 7/13 (Wed), 9 am - 7/14 (Thurs), 12 pm
Fee: None. However, registration is required.

In other areas of the state, participants are paying $350 per person for this course. The Teachers Center is covering the cost for up to 15 people.

Questions? Contact Valerie Lovelace at (518) 489-0568 or email

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